Corona Virus Update

We are now open.

Under the circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our site to protect our visitors and our local community. Local relationships are important to us all, and some are understandably apprehensive about the potential impacts of returning visitors; they will need reassurance demonstrated by your thoughtfulness. Please show consideration for other holiday makers and the staff at the onsite pub. We would urge everyone to respect social distance and hygiene protocols in all contacts at the EcoPod holiday site, the Knockerdown Inn and the wider community.

All EcoPods have their own showering and composting tiolet facility which are exclusive to that EcoPod for the duration of the holiday.  Hazelwood and Mountain Ash have been allocated one side of the shower/toilet block each.  This is to allow free and isolated use of facilities to each ‘bubble’ of friends or family during their stay.

We have redesigned the campfire seating area for social distancing. There are now three sets of seats seating up to 4 people with three entrances/exits.

We also have a new cleaning program which reflects the current situation. All complementary soap and shower products have been removed from all facilities.  Please bring your own.

We realise that many of the traditional tourist facilities around Derbyshire have been temporally closed. The EcoPod site is very safe, private and peaceful. There is only one entrance and has a secure fence surrounded by fields.  The EcoPod site is big and there is plenty of space to relax in and around the field. We also have Donkeys!

The EcoPod Holiday site is uniquely situated, within walking distance, to Carsington Water which is now open to the public.  It has a 9-mile circular walk and is ideal for day trips picnicking or cycling.  Carsington Water is also a nature reserve and has areas dedicated to different bird habitats and bird watching.

The (onsite) Knockerdown Pub is open and have taken all necessary precautions in line with government guidelines to reopen and is providing drinks and meals.

Any booking made before the pandemic can be re-scheduled for another time in the future. Please get in touch to rebook your holiday.

We do hope we have answered all questions you may have but if you have any specific requirements please email me and I will do my best to answer any questions.

Many thanks and best wishes,
Craig Bank – Owner and Director – Ecopod Holidays