Book a break in the beautiful countryside on the edge of the Peak District

Molly’s Space ship

We have a Space Ship it landed a few years ago and has Special Party Power..! Grass on the roof and is heated by the Sun. Inside you will find a cosy space where children can play games, Doubles as an  evening sound room or bar for events. 

Set at the bottom corner of the field, well distanced from the EcoPods. Exclusively for fun…!

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Molly's Space Ship
Solar panelled and Insulated for chilly days/nights. A great inspiring hut for the kids to play game in or just hang out... Doubles as evening sound room or bar for events.
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Party Space
We have a 8 chanel PA for small acoustic gigs, karaoke? lights, seating and a warm fire for you to enjoy the evenings...! Not to late though...
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