Glamping in the Peak District.

Do you love Camping, the fresh air and the sun shining in your face? You’re not alone; the creators of EcoPod Holidays feel the same.

We have combined the essential features of a Camping holiday with private facilities inside the EcoPods to relax in comfort at the end of the day, knowing that the EcoPod in which you sleep is working in harmony with the environment.

EcoPods have arrived for your comfort and relaxation.  

A great base for holidays whatever the weather.

We are a small company trying to change the way we interact with the natural resources available to us all. The concept behind the EcoPod is to provide a beautiful warm living space which has all the comforts of a house and built from 50% waste materials.

The Eco Pod is a metaphor of  the world of to come. An example for everyone to explore the reality of a less wasteful world.

EcoPods can provide human habitation equal to and in many cases superior to modern buildings which have little regard to wastage in their construction, and even less in their usage of energy day to day.

We realized it is time to use our resources in a sustainable way. It is time to forget the path towards growth and profit. It is time to start reducing our consumption of energy and blatant wastage of resources. It is our goal  make a sustainable world for our children to live in.

How we make EcoPods

Eco pods are constructed using reclaimed timber, with some additional FSC approved woods when needed.They are insulated with natural or recycled  materials, such as sheep’s wool or recycled glass bottles.All finishes are derived from plant based paints and natural oils. They also benefit from solar power for lighting and appliances.We manufacture our own ‘stick burners’ for space heating and heating water for washing and showering.

If you are interested in purchasing an EcoPod for you garden, woodland or campsite  please give us a call. 

Have you got an idea?

We have ten years experience in building eco buildings and can work with you from your initial concept through to production drawings and construction.

Craig Banks BA (hons) Product Design

07929 616282

Please look at our production website

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